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I'm Alicia. I'm a social worker and astrologer currently based in Florida. 

My background is rooted in community-based social work, addiction treatment, and most recently, the intersection of therapy and spirituality. I feel most aligned with holistic modalities that integrate our whole person with the many implications of living in our modern world. 

I've always been drawn to astrology and the exploration of personality archetypes. Learning the language of astrology has supported me immensely in my own life that its become almost impossible for me to seperate. Taking this departure from traditional therapuetic practice feels the most authentic to who I am and who I am becoming. 

Libra Sun ☼ Libra Moon ☽ Sagittarius Rising ⇞

I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Alicia. I'm a social worker and therapist based in Florida, but a native of Buffalo, New York (It's part of my personality to make sure you know that. Go Bills!)

My career background is rooted in community-based social work, addiction treatment, and the intersection of therapy and spirituality. I've worked extensively with people struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, and addiction. I've studied astrology, yoga, somatic practices, and other holistic modalities that take traditional therapy beyond the diagnostic manuals and into the root of who we are as people.

I've always been drawn to astrology and its exploration of personality. It wasn't until two years ago when I had my natal chart read that I discovered the depth of wisdom and spiritual implications that can be found. Here I was, a seemingly self-aware, stable-ish person. I had a thriving therapy practice. I was a homeroom Mom. I had read 1/4 of dozens of books about self-exploration and healing (Yes, you read that right). I thought I knew myself pretty well. So now, in this seemingly random astrology reading with a woman I had never met, language was given to some of my deepest-rooted patterns by looking at what I could only describe at the time as a graph of a pizza. I'm sorry, what?

The reading blew everything open for me, personally and professionally. My life has not been the same, in the most bittersweet, beautiful ways. The insight provided to me that day and in the months to come led me to writing these words. Honestly, I never would have had the courage to create this space if I hadn’t come to really meet myself over the last few years. Bold Evolution was born out of my own personal journey that required some bold and at times uncomfortable steps. We cannot evolve without the boldness to be who we are. I'm grateful to be here.




"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

- Carl Jung

Astrology and therapy are the perfect pairing. The natal chart serves as the guide for therapeutic work to be efficient, effective, and catered specifically to the soul and its journey. An astrology chart is YOU and all of your potential at the most authentic level. It’s a blueprint for who you are and who you came here to be. Astrology also provides insights into our most natural cycles and rhythms here on earth, so we can approach transitions with intention and compassion.


The current systems tend to slap a diagnosis on our human experience and write a prescription. It took a major wake up call to realize that so often the traditional frameworks for mental health treatment are not speaking to the heart and soul of people. The systems we live within also lack accountability for their direct role in human suffering- but thats a Ted Talk for another time.  

This work is about the reconnection to self and to our true nature. It starts within us then reverberates through our families, communities, and into the collective. Supporting this type of healing with the practical application of astrology and the best parts of traditional therapy is the inherent mission of Bold Evolution.

We already carry the medicine that our aching world needs. 

Astrology and therapy are the perfect pairing because the chart serves as the guide for therapeutic work to be efficient, effective, and catered specifically to the soul. This is where the magic is. An astrology chart is you at the most authentic level. It’s a blueprint for who you are and who you came here to be. Your specific and unique chart illuminates what you’re here to learn, your innate gifts, challenges, and how to integrate so you can express to your fullest form. Astrology also provides insights into timing and opportunities to approach the many facets of our lives with intention and mindfulness.


For years I struggled with feeling restricted as a therapist. Our systems tend to slap a diagnosis on our human emotion and write the prescription. As a practitioner, I've felt restricted in my ability to connect in shared humanity through the clinical limitations of the client-therapist relationship. The power dynamics that exist within our mental health systems have never aligned with who I am.  It took a long time for me to realize that the traditional models and frameworks for mental health treatment were not speaking to the heart and soul of people. They're bandaids on a gaping wound. I didn't have the language for this ache until I dove into my own personal astrology path and really discovered, to my surprise, my own soul. When we can find our way home to ourselves, its as if the real work can begin. 


For me, Bold Evolution means bravely stepping onto our path back home. We can take a look around or a quick peek at our phones to see so much heartache, so many problems, so much wrong in the world. We're all searching frantically for the medicine or the antidote. If there is one thing I know for sure, its that compassion is an inside job before an outside one. Bold Evolution was birthed to create a space for authenticity to be found, nurtured and expressed with compassion. When we step into who we are and activate our true expression, we can extend that same compassion to everyone around us.

We have the power to quite literally become the medicine our aching world needs.


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Any other questions?

I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Florida. To book a therapy appointment, you will need to be a Florida resident. To book astrology sessions, you can be anywhere in this great, big world.

Who can book a session with you?

A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. It presents the location of the planets and how they interact in different areas of your life and also how they are in conversation with each other. The chart provides context. It provides all the potentials of your soul as well as the possible challenges you may be facing. The birth chart also provides insight into your individual timing of lessons and opportunities for evolution. 

What is a birth chart? 

You will need your birthday, birth place and birth time for an accurate reading. All components are extremely important in order to get a full and accurate picture.

What information do I need for a chart reading? 

I'm currently using the Placidus system for all readings. In some instances or for specific purposes I will use Whole Sign. 

What system are you using for readings?

Zodiac Chart


Evolution takes time.


Cheat sheets and resources coming soon!


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